A terrifying enemy with a score to settle. A young hero without a clue.

As with many tales, this story begins with a fool: a young man who believes his future is under his control. And even as the dragon roars and the witches weave their web, he continues to deny his destiny. Does he have to die to understand the truth? Maybe. Maybe death is just what he needs….

Forced onto a path he does not wish to follow; young Gialyn comes under the gaze of an ancient guardian. Can he come to terms with his unwanted abilities in time to save his home, or will the responsibility of becoming the White Dragon’s chosen prove too much to bear? Meanwhile, Brea, a young woman with a destiny of her own, calls on a powerful creature. Will the beast help, or add itself to her growing list of enemies?

“In the finest traditions of possibly the greatest of all fantasy genres (Epic Fantasy), T.J.Garrett delivers everything you have come to love in a truly epic adventure.”