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THE COMPLETE QUADRILOGY. An epic tale from an Amazon #1 bestselling author.

To defeat an old enemy, a legendary shape-shifting assassin must join forces with a secretive den of dragons. When a group of travellers stumble onto the dragon's plans, they, too, must find a way to defeat the witch. Will they discover her secrets before she destroys their home?

From the cover:
Forced along a path he does not wish to follow; young Gialyn comes under the gaze of an ancient guardian. Can he come to terms with his unwanted abilities in time to save his home, or will the responsibility of becoming the White Dragon’s chosen prove too much to bear? Meanwhile, Brea, a young woman with a destiny of her own, calls on a powerful creature. Will the beast assassin help, or add itself to her growing list of enemies?

Although part of the wider Kingdoms universe, the Dragon Oracles is a complete story, telling the tale of a group of friends pitted against an evil witch who uses her power to control an island full of dragons.

“In the finest traditions of possibly the greatest of all fantasy genres (Epic Fantasy), T.J.Garrett delivers everything you have come to love in a truly epic adventure.”