The Gods

The Spirit Ventriarch (Ven-tree-arc)
Mau’dael (Moor-day-L): God of the Spirit Realm.
There is but one Spirit Ventriarch. Mau’dael is the undisputed ‘king’ of the gods. Residing within Arenthenia, no one has seen Mau’dael for a millennia.
The Three Ventriarch (Earthen Gods)
An’gael (An-gay-L): the Air Ventriarch. The God of Storms
Ein’laig (Eeyn-laygh): the Land Ventriarch. The God of Harvest – among other things.
U’sieg (Uh-seeg): the Sea Ventriarch. The God of Rain
The Ventriarchs are the source of The Power and The Voice on land, sea, and air. Unlike the Spirit Ventriarch, their power is manifest in the daily lives of Moyathair citizens. Many Moyans believe they exist in the form of a human host, while others think of them as spirits, or simply energetic entities.
The Cral Ventriarch
Aregolas (Ah-rehg-O-las): god of good, or The White.
Diobael (D-O-buy-L): god of evil, or The Black.

Aregolas and Diobael are the two active (Cral) Powers. Unlike the Earthen Ventriarchs (the “gods”), who remain passive, only acting when called forth, Aregolas and Diobael openly seek to challenge the Balance.
The Vin Sentriachs (sen-tree-arc):
Giyan’fael (gee-yan-fi-L): leader of the good Sentriachs
Ash’mael (ash-may-L): leader of the bad Sentriachs
The Vin Sentriachs are almost as powerful as the Ventriarch “Gods.” Although known as the leaders of good and evil among the Sentriarch, they are not actively in command – particularly Giyan’fael, who rarely makes an appearance. The two lead Sentriachs were the original Dragon Oracles, and are both bestial in form. Giyan’fael is a huge raven, Ash’mael is half-man, half-snake.
The Two Spirit Sentriarch
Fa’raeg (far-rayg): Mau’dael’s ‘good’ Sentriarch.
Fa’rann (far-ran): Mau’dael’s ‘evil’ Sentriarch.
Fa’raeg and Fa’rann are the Spirit equivalent of Vin Sentriarchs. Like the Vin, they seek to disrupt the Balance. Though neither have seen Mau’dael for millennia, both actively try to push the Spirit God to their own advantage.
The Six Earthen Sentriarch:
An’gael’s Sentriarch – An’raeg (ann-rayg): the good, and An’rann (ann-ran): the evil.
Ein’laig’s Sentriarchs – Ein’raeg (E-nh-rayb): the good, and Ein’rann (E-nh-ran): the bad.
U’sieg’s Sentriarchs – U’raeg (U-rayg): the good, and U’rann (U-rann): the bad.
Like the Vin, the Earthen Sentriarchs were among the first Dragon Oracles. Collectively known as An’eyr’rann (ann-ear-ran), the Sentriachs tug at their respective Ventriarch in an eternal battle to influencing the Balance.
The Six Levels of Power
Spirit Ventriarch > Ventriarch > Earthen Ventriarch > Vin Sentriarch = Spirit Sentriarch > Sentriarch.

The Races

The Aleracian (al-erh-rass-ian): people from Southern Aleras. Feature: average humanoid, intelligent, feudal.
The Broan Wildlings (bro-ann) – aka, The Broan Sect: Wildling wolves from around the Broan River in southern An’aird Barath. Features: use The Voice and normal speech, pack hunters.
The Cren’dair (cren-dare) – aka, The Cren: a race of woods folk who live in the kingdom of Crenach’coi. Features: tall (average eight feet), long-lived, intellectual.
The Darkin (dar-kin): a mysterious race of huge wolves. They live on the southern rim of the Crenach’coi (the Cren forest), between the Eurmac Canyon and Taris. Feature: very large (horse-sized), pack hunters, where once normal size.
The Euraku Witches (urr-rah-coo): a circle of witches from the Southern Islands. Features: nothing much is known of the Euraku, other than they are in contact with the Eiras.
The Eurmacians (urh-may-she-ans): the residents of Eurmac, the country south of Aleras’moya. Features: brown skin, often blond haired, intelligent, travellers.
The Fisherfolk: a guild of fishermen, primarily located in the Dockland Quarter of Bailryn.
The Gan: the Southern Gan dragons. Originally from the island of Toi’ifael, the Gan have spent the last one hundred and twenty years in the Bren’alor Valley.
The Gaw: the Northern Dragons. From the island of Toi’ildrieg. Once brothers to the Gan, they split off from the herd and chose – or were forced – to serve Vila’slae.
The Gan’ifael (gan-if-I-L): a tribe of Kel’mai who live on the island of Toi’ifael. Thought to be the first Dragonkin, the Gan’ifael count the elusive Cinnè’arth among their number.
The Kalidhain (kal-dih-hay-n): folk who were born within the province of Kalidhain. Often known as Easterners, the Kalidhain are comprised mostly of farmers and merchant. Features: they are Romanesque in their appearance, big noses, dark hair, not too tall. They speak common.
The Karakin (ka-rah-kin) – aka, The Spirit Wolves – aka, the First Alphas: Nobody knows what happened to the Karakin, though speculation as to their fate has proven something of a deterrent for anyone thinking of messing with the gods. It is thought the Karakin are imprisoned within the Tunnels of Aldregair, but not on the Earthen plane. Having said that, like the spirit dragon, the Karakin can move into the real world, but only through certain ‘portals.’
The Krassians (krass-E-ans): folk from the island of Krassis. Features: brown skin, average human in size, known for their steel work. Extremely proud. Good fighters.
The Lightfoot gangs: an organised group of thieves who operate within Bailryn.
The Kel’madden (kel-mar-den): a race of warriors from the island of Toi’ildrieg. The Kel’madden troopers are generally acknowledge as fierce, disciplined fighters. Features: shorter than average humans, but thick bones.
The Kel’mai (kel-may): a race of scholars, teachers, and warriors from the island of Toi’ifael. The Kel’mai are divided into three sub-groups, Ud’fael (Surabhan-like), Neath’coy (bestial form), Cinnè’arth (the Kin). The Cinnè’arth are extremely rare.
The Rukin (roo-kihn): residents of Illeas’den. A society of humans and wolves. Rukin wolves are the most civilised of the old wolf clans (battle brothers).
The Salrians (sal-re-ans): residents of An’aird Barath, the country to the north of Aleras’moya. Features: Short, the men are all bald, pale eyes (usually grey).
The Surabhan (sur-ra-ban): residents of Aleras’moya. Average humanoid.
The Toyans (toy-an): residents of Toya, an island east of Aleras’moya. Features: dark skin, slightly shorter than the average humanoid, traders. Toya (the island) is run by the Merchant’s Council.
The Ulroch (ul-rock): a race of giants.
The Witches of Eiras (ear-rass) – aka, The Moya Witches (moy-ah): a society of witches from the island of Eiras. The witches live in the city of Bhail. Though not confrontation, they are active with the Voice.


Main Characters

Alacin (aa-la-sin) – aka, Alacin’tien (aa-la-sin, tee-N): Cren male. A “white raic.” Alacin was once a Cren Elder. He now exists as a symbiotic presence within Ealian Tanner.
Aleban (al-er-ban): Rukin wolf.
Arfael (ah-fi-L) – aka, Arlyn Gan’ifael (R-lyn gan ah-fi-L): Kel’mai male. Mysterious half-giant with no memory of his past. Friend and travelling companion of Olam O’lamb.
Brea Loian (bree-ah, low-E-N): Surabhan female. A young woman who lives in Braylair and tends the local dragons.
Cinnè’arth (sin-E-R-th): a Kel’mai with the power to change into three forms, human, beast, and Dragonkin.
Daric Re’adh (da-rick, re-add): Surabhan male. A guardsman and farmer. Formerly a captain in the king’s Guard, Daric now lives in Albergeddy, but is originally from Bailryn.
Ealian Tanner (E-lee-ann) – aka, Ealian’tien (E-lee-ann, tee-N): Surabhan male. The Emissary’s son. Twin brother to Elspeth.
Elspeth Tanner (L-speth): Surabhan female. The Emissary’s daughter. Twin sister to Ealian.
Gialyn Re’adh (gear-lynn, re-add): Surabhan male. Formerly from Bailryn, now lives in Albergeddy. Wants to be a traveller.
Grady Daleman: Surabhan male. Ex-soldier. Formerly from Bailryn but now lives in Albergeddy. Works at the canal dock.
Olam O’lamb (O-lamb, O-lamb): Eurmacian male. Travels with Arfael. Has mysterious powers.
Rek – aka, Ulrekan (ulh-re-can): Gan Dragon, male. A young dragon from the Bren’alor Valley.
Tamson – aka, Tamri Maison (tam’ree, may’son): Surabhan male. The guardian of the Tunnels of Aldregair.
Toban (tow-ban): Rukin wolf, male. The 15th Alpha of the Rukin Clan.
Vila’slae (vee-la-slay): Eirasian female. An exiled Eiras Witch.

Other Characters

Affrair Loian (ahf-rare, low-eyan): Surabhan female. Brea’s mother. Lives in Braylair.
Alaf’muis (al-aff-moo-is): Kel’mai male. An old Kel’mai general who fought in the battle of Barais’gin. Arfael’s father.
Aleban (al-er-ban): Rukin wolf, male. Second to Toban.
Aleria Loian (al-air-re-ah, low-E-N): Surabhan female. Brea’s Great, great, great, grandmother .
Alim A’limb: Eurmacian male. Landlord of the Hungry Fisherman.
Alliandra Vanay (all-E-ann-dra, Var-nay): Surabhan female. Gialyn’s maternal grandmother.
Alindair O’lamb (ah-lynn-dare): Eurmacian male. Olam’s father.
Altor (al-tor) – aka, Altor’gan: Gan Dragon, male. An old Cuis dragon. Keeper of the Gan Chronicles.
Allyanne (ally-ann-E): Cren female. Farmer.
Annalicia (anna-lee-see-ah): Surabhan female. A character in Brea’s dream – her daughter.
Arlec Borman (R-lek, Bore-man): Rukin human, male. Archery Master from Illeas’den.
Arlenoch (R-le-nok): Rukin wolf, male. Fourteenth Rukin Alpha.
Adjunct Samel Tari (sam’L, tar’re): Surabhan male. One of Lord Breen’s aides.
Arben (R-ben): Broan Wildling, male.
Arthben (R-th-ben): Rukin wolf, male. Rukin Elder from Illeas’den.
Astin Barrair (ass-tin bar-rare): Surabhan male. Ealian’s friend. Lives in Albergeddy.
Bar’deth (bar-death): Unknown origin. An evil character from Ealian’s dreams.
Battina and Bryoni Vierdan (bat-E-nar, Bri-O-nee): Surabhan females. Princesses. The king’s sisters.
Bausamon (bor’sa’mon): Spirt Dragon, male. The white Spirit Dragon. Guardian of the Road and keeper of The Balance – sort of a god.
Bertog: (ber-tog) Toyan male. Merchant guardsman.
Bosh: Rukin wolf, male.
Bre’ach Uld’mae (bree-arc, uld-may): Salrian male. Si’eth’s son. Salrian soldier.
Breani Anwar (bree-R-nee, an-war): Eirasian female. One of the Eiras Witches.
Brin Loian: (brin, low-ian) Surabhan male. Brea’s father.
Cahldien Lynar (kal-D-N lie-nar) – aka, Cal (kal): Cren male.
Captain Agerman (aa-ger-man): Kel’madden male. In charge of the Kel’madden fleet.
Captain Fitzmella (fits-mel-ah) – aka, Mella – aka, Fitch: the captain of The Swallow fishing boat.
Captain Larksan (lark’san): Kel’madden male.
Captain Merriden (merry-den): Kel’madden male.
Captain Parlasan (par-la-san): Kel’madden male.
Captain Rarshman (rarsh’man): Surabhan male.
Captain Reddis (red-is): Kel’madden male.
Captain Reidi (reed-E): Kel’madden male.
Captain Sandau (san-daw): Surabhan male.
Captain Vesitor (Ves-E-tor): Toyan male. Ship’s captain.
Caylib Eart (kay-lyb, E-art): Cren male.
Chrissa Landon (Kriss-R): Surabhan female. Sergeant. Princes Olivia’s bodyguard.
Clem Krist (clehm, krist): Rukin human, male. Landlord of the Haingar Inn, Illeas’den.
Coln Brewen (coln, brew-N): Surabhan male. Resident of Braylair.
Colonel Amerkin Le’ode (am’er’kin, le’ode – as in node): Surabhan male. A colonel stationed at the Keep in Gieth’eire.
Colonel Graes (grays): Eirasian male.
Colonel Nezan (ni-zan): Kel’madden male.
Coratien (cor’ah’tee’N), Dayamoon (day’ah’moon),
Raismutan (rahs’moo’tan): ancient tyrants from the old world.
Corporal Ashon Paiden (ash’ton, pay’den): Surabhan male.
Corporal Mandic (man-dik): Kel’madden male.
Cusag (coo-sag): Gaw dragon. Drin male.
Deni Brom (den-E brom): Rukin human, male. Rasan’s son. Groom and farmer.
Dras: Wildling wolf.
Dun – aka, Dun’rae: Cren male. Woodsman Elder.
Durin – aka, Durin’malin (Dur-rin, may-linn): Cren male. Woodsman Elder.
Eamon Tress (E-mon, trehs): Cren male.
Eddar Flinn (ed-ah): Surabhan male. Landlord of the Blue Goose in Ironbridge.
Elarie (E-la-ree): Surabhan female. Resident of Braylair.
Elim E’limb (phonetic spelling): Eurmacian male. Wool trader.
Elka: Kel’madden female. Vila’slae’s maid.
Elmrin (elm-rin): Cren male. Allyanne’s son
Elucia (ee-lu-see-ah): Eirasian female. Leader of the Eiras Witches (The Circle of Twelve).
Elud (E-lud): Ancient Darkin wolf. Keeper of Rituals
Elum A’limb (E-lumb): Eurmacian male. Groom.
Eratas (E-rah-tass): Gan dragon. Heeras (hair-rass) male.
Etan Wild (E-tan): Surabhan male. Farmer and volunteer guardsman.
Eugwani Vierdan: (U-gwar-nee, Vee-ur-dan): Olivia’s mother, one-time queen of Aleras’moya.
Evin Cesim (Evin, kay-simm): Surabhan female. The First Keeper, Bailryn Palace.
Faelen Cortman (fay-len, cort-man): Surabhan male. Ambassador to An’aird Barath.
Farnok: Darkin male, wolf. The Darkin Alpha.
Feogan (fee-O-gan): Gaw dragon. Drin male.
Gaiden (gay-den): Rukin wolf, male. Elder.
Geb: Gaw dragon. Drin male.
General Alaf’kan (al-aff-kan): Salrian male.
General Denisan (den-E-san): Surabhan male.
General Turasan, Ebon (tur-ra-san, ee-bon): Unknown nationality. Leader of the Kel’madden army.
Gobin Volt (go-bin, Volt): Surabhan male. Blacksmith from Albergeddy.
Goth: Gaw dragon. Heeras male.
Goranae (gor-ra-nay): Darkin female. Wolf. The Darkin Prime.
Gunna (goo-nah): Gaw dragon. Cuis male.
Guardsman Danil (dan-ill): Surabhan male.
Guardsman Ialin (eya-linn): Surabhan male.
Guardsman Mikha (myk-ah): Surabhan male.
Gullien Hanta (gul-E-N, han-tar): Surabhan male. Colonel Le’ode’s aide.
Helana Tanner: Surabhan female. Elspeth and Ealian’s mother.
Harmon Gaulman (R-mon, gorl-man): Surabhan male. Ore trader from Albergeddy.
Ishban Morash (ysh-ban, moor-ash): Rubin human, male. Elder.
Jaquine (jack-een): Surabhan male. Black Hand.
Jedd: Surabhan male. Swallow crewman.
Jorgan Kilmster (your’gan, kilm’ster): Surabhan male. Braylair’s “sheriff.”
Jurrin (Jur-ryn): character from Ealian’s dreams.
Kalina Krist (kal-E-nah, kry-st): Rukin human, female.
Kaldaban (kal-da-ban): Rukin wolf, male.
Kalf: Toyan male. A Toyan Merchant Guard.
Karlas (kar-lass): Gan dragon, male.
Karsha (Kar’sha) – aka, Karsha’tois (kar-sha, toys): Cren male.
Kayila Towny (kay-E-la, town-E): Rukin female.
Keanan (key-ah-nan): Surabhan male. A character in Brea’s dream – Elspeth’s son.
Ker: Broan Wildling, wolf. The Broan Alpha.
King Eidred (E-drehd): Surabhan male. King of Aleras’moya during the first Eiras War.
King Otto Vierdan (Otto, V-R-den): Surabhan male. Current king of Aleras’moya.
Kirin (ki-ryn) – aka, Kirin’thar (ki-ryn, thar): Cren male. Leader of the Cren Council.
Kiyn Bowland (key-in, bow-land): Surabhan male. Albergeddian shepherd.
Kric: Salrian male. Guard.
Lanay Towny (lar-nay, town-e): Rukin human, female.
Lance Solaman (sol’ah’man): Surabhan male. Innkeeper of the Whistling Shepherd in Braylair.
Lieutenant Corman (coor’man): Surabhan male. Soldier from Gieth’eire.
Lieutenant Horrick: Surabhan male.
Lieutenant Matrim (ma-trim): Kel’madden male.
Logi (low-gee): Wildling male, wolf. Bosh’s friend. As in Bosh and Logi.
Lord Breen, Ougust (brehn, owh-gust): Surabhan male. Head of House Teryn (Teh-ryn)
Lord Odermin (O-der-min): Surabhan male.
Lorieanna (lori-an-nar): Cren female. Kirin’s wife
Lorne Trelan (lawn, tree-lan): Rukin human, female.
Lud – aka, Lud’ith (lud’ith): Salrian male. A poacher.
Lyduk (lie-duck) – aka, Lyduk’gan (lie-duck, gan): Gan dragon, Drin male.
Macief (ma-cheef): Cren male. Allyanne’s husband.
Mairi Re’adh (mar-re, re-add): Surabhan female. Gialyn’s mother.
Manni Crocker (man-E, krow-ker): Surabhan female. Resident of Albergeddy.
Master Chandry (shan-dree): Surabhan male. Doctor.
Master Hoyt: Surabhan male. Herbalist.
Marjen Id’mae (mar-gen Id-may): Salrian male. Guard.
Meridd Yban (mae-rith, E-ban): Surabhan male. The gatekeeper from Ironbridge.
Mikelmoor, Iyan (mik-L-moor, Iyan): Surabhan male. Major (colonel) of the king’s Guards.
Miss Paulson: Surabhan female. Teacher at Bailryn Palace.
Mistress Coraley, Levanna (cor-rar-ley): Surabhan female. Head of House, Bailryn Palace.
Mott: Rukin wolf, male. Third in command.
Mateaf Shea (matt-eef, she-yha): Cren male. Cal’s Second.
Mayon Bower (may-yon bow-er): Surabhan male. Resident of Albergeddy.
Meela Fayo (mee-lar, fay-O): Surabhan female. Resident of Whitecliff. The blacksmith’s wife.
Meric Volt (meh-rik, volt): Surabhan male. Young man from Albergeddy.
Mr Mayrob: Surabhan male. Teacher from Albergeddy.
Mrs Balland: Surabhan female. Resident of Albergeddy.
Mrs Cawthorn: Surabhan female. Resident of Albergeddy.
Myka (my-kar): Toyan male. Merchant guard
Nabby (na-bee): Surabhan male. Swallow crewman.
Nacole (na’coal): Brion Wildling, wold, female.
Neoli (nee-O-lee): Cren female. Allyanne’s daughter.
Olg – aka, Olg’mae (olg’may): Salrian male. A poacher.
Olivia Vierdan: (V-R-dan) Surabhan/Eirasian female. Princess.
Pengar (pen-gar) – aka, Pengar’bier (pen-gar, bhy-erh): Cren male. Doctor/herbalist.
Qiel (key-L): Darkin male, wolf.
Rasan Brom (rar,san brom): Rukin human, male. Mott’s groom.
Reagin Vickers (ree-R-gin, vik-ers): Surabhan male. Resident of Braylair.
Renik – aka, Renik’jaeve (Ren-ik, Jar-vay): Cren male. Woodsman Elder.
Ribion (rib’Eon) – aka, Ribion’gan: Gan Dragon. A large Cuis dragon.
Roddig Fayo (rod-dig, fay-O) Surabhan male. Blacksmith from Whitecliff.
Salini (saa-lee-nee): Gaw dragon, female.
Sarai Scothern (sah-rayh, scoh-thurn): Rukin human, female. Resident of Illeas’den.
Sek – aka, Sek’gaw (sehk, gawh) – aka, Sek the Black: Northern Gaw Dragon. Leader of the Illdrieg (northern) Dragons.
Sergeant Goliver (gol-iver): Surabhan male.
Sergeant Groll Id’fae (grol, id-fay): Salrian male.
Sergeant Haselan, Niel (haas-E-lan): Kel’madden male. Dragon rider.
Sergeant Jern Aramae (Jerhn, a-rah-may): Salrian male.
Sergeant Skelk: Toyan male. Toyan Merchant Guard.
Seth Garriner (seth, gar-nee-er): Surabhan male. Resident of Albergeddy.
Si’eth Uld’mae (see-eth, uld-may): Salrian male. Captain of the Salrian guard.
Sieva Towny (sigh-E-va town-E): Rukin girl. Lanay’s daughter
Shain: a character from Ealian’s dream.
Sparra: Surabhan male. Black Hand member.
Solto (sol-toe): Surabhan male. A character in Brea’s dream.
Strob (st-rob): Kel’madden male. Vila’s cook. Elka’s husband.
Surani Willand (sur-rah-nee, will-and): Eirasian female. One of the Eiras Witches.
Surash (sur’rash): Brion Wilding, female wolf.
Tanri – aka, Tanri’sylk (tan-re, silk): Cren male.
Teb Fillion (fill-E-on): Surabhan male. A reluctant member of the Black Hand.
Teo (tee-O): Gaw dragon. Drin male.
Tiama – aka, Tiama’gan (tee-R-ma, gan): Gan dragon. Cuis female. Tor’gan’s partner.
Tolas Odaman (toe-lass, odah-man): Surabhan male. The king’s aide.
Tor – aka, Tor’gan (Tor, gan): Gan dragon. The Gan leader.
Torani Bauer (tor-rah-nee, bower): Eirasian woman. First Commissioner to the Circle of Twelve.
Theo Tanner: Surabhan male. Emissary of Albergeddy.
Tulak (too-lak): Northern Gaw Dragon. A Nirad.
Uld’eth Jardin (uld-eth, jah-din): Salrian male. Guard.
Uldrin (uld-rin): a character from Ealian’s dream.
Verine (ver-E-nee): Gan dragon, Heeras female.
Vin Calande (vin, kal-ann-D): Surabhan male. Resident of Albergeddy.
Wex: Surabhan male. Swallow crewman.
Zyke Fellery (zeek, Fel-ur-re): Surabhan male. Resident of Albergeddy.


Locations and Landmarks

Albergeddy (al-burr-gedd-E): a small town on the Geddy River, in northern Ealdihain.
Alber Canal (al-burr): a canal on the outskirts of Albergeddy.
Aldreg Caves (all-dreg): where the Gan dragons live.
Aleras’moya (al-err-ras, moi-yah): the home of the Surabhan people. Aleras’moya splits up into counties run by royal emissaries.
Aldrieg (al-dreeg): an area of high cliffs north of Braylair and west of the Tunnels of Aldregair.
Ambieth Marsh (am-bee-eth): a marsh on the borders of Arandor, Taris, and Illeas.
Am’cherc (am-churhk): an oasis of dry land within the Ambieth Marsh.
Amien’toth (arh-mehn-toth): and area of grassland east of the Serath’alor Valley.
Am’firth (am-furth): a river that runs through the Ambieth Marsh (changes name to the Raithby River once passed Illeas’coi).
Amlin Bay (am-lynn): a bay in northeastern An’aird Barath.
Am’ilean (am-E-lee-ann): an oasis of dry land within the Ambieth Marsh.
An’aird Barath (an-ayrd, Ba-rath): the home of the Salrian people. The largest country in Moyathair, though much of it is impassable mountain and tundra.
Aralan Dell (ah-ra-lann, dell): a small area of grassland between the Ambieth Marsh and Illeas’cu.
Arandor (ah-ran-door): an Aleracian province.
Arandor Break (ah-ran-door): a range of steep hills in southern Arandor.
Arenthenia (ah-ren-thee-nia): the spirit world.
Bailgeddy Farm (bayhl-geh-dee): the home of the Re’adh family
Baillie Mountain (Bayhl-lee): the large mountain just north of Albergeddy.
Bailryn (bayhl-rhyn): the capital of Aleras’moya.
Barais’coi (ba-raes-coy): an area of woodland northeast of Bailryn.
Barais’gin (bahr-raes-gyhn): a cave at the far eastern end of the Ridges of Karan.
Baralan Heath (bahr-rah-lan, he-th): an area of bleak land between Ealdihain and Ambieth.
Baralan Trail: a trail that runs through Baralan Heath.
Barathian Mountains (bar-rath-ian): a range of mountain in An’aird Barath.
Be’olyn (bee-O-linn): a town in southern Taris known as the town of thieves.
Beugeddy (bow-geh-D): the provincial capital of Ealdihain.
Blue Mile: a long road in Bailryn where most of the shops are.
Bhail (Ba-hay-L): the largest city on the island of Eiras. Home to the Witches of Eiras.
Bienn Oasis (bee-ann): a safe area in the centre of the Ambieth Marsh.
Brae’vis (bray-vis): a village in Crenach’coi.
Braylair (bray-lair): a small village in the Bren’alor Valley. Home to Brea Loian.
Bren’alor Valley (bren-ah-law): a small valley in the western Karan, on the border with Taris and Kalidhain.
Colair (coll-air): a town on the southeastern coast.
Crenach’coi (crehn-akk, coy): the forest kingdom of the Cren’dair Woodsmen.
Colaroy River (col-ah-roy): a river in Aleras Moya. Runs around Bailryn.
Cu’ifael (coo,ee-fi-L): a town on the island of Toi’ifael
Cuanmor Sea (Coo-an-moor): the sea off the western coast of Moyathair.
Cul’mida (kuhl-mee-dah): a mountain pass at the eastern end of the Karan Ridges.
Cul’taris (kull-tar-ris): a mountain pass between the Speerlag Cliff on the west and the Karan Ridges on the east.
Dregan (dreh-gan): another name for Aldregair.
Eaird’vae Forest (E-ard-vay): a forest north of Cul’taris.
Ealdihain (E-old-E-hayn): the most westerly province of Aleras’moya.
Ealyn (E-R-lynn): A fishing village, ten miles south west of Albergeddy, in Ealdihain.
Eiras (ear-rass): one of the Eastern Isles. The home of the Witches of Eiras.
Eurmac Canyon (urh-mak): a deep canyon stretching east to west along the borders of Aleras’moya and Eurmac.
Eurmac (urh-mak): the kingdom immediately south of Aleras’moya. Sparsely populated.
Gan Aldreg (gan-ohl-dreg): the caves where the Gan Dragons live. In the Bren’alor Valley.
Geddy Valley (geh-D): the valley in northern Ealdihain named after the Geddy River.
Geddy River (geh-D): the river that runs along the border of Ealdihain and Arandor.
Gieth’eire (Gee-eth, air): the fortress in Cul’taris.
Hall of Wolves: located in Illeas’den. Meeting place of the Rukin wolves.
Haingar Inn (hayne-garh): the inn in Illeas’den
Halem (haa-lem): a town south of Bailryn.
Halem Point (haa-lem): a rock formation off the east coast, south of Bailryn.
Herann’coi (heehr-raan, coy): a stretch of woodland running along the eastern edge of the Ambieth Marsh.
Illeas (ill-E-ass): The area – or province – where the Rukin wolves live.
Illeas’coi (ill-E-ass, coy): a stretch of woodland running along the ridge just south and west of Illeas’den.
Illeas’cu (ill-E-ass, coo): the large area of grassland surrounding the town of Illeas’den
Illeas’den (ill-E-ass, den): the town where the Rukin live.
Illeas Ridge (ill-E-ass): the long ridge that runs south and east of the town of Illeas.
Ironbridge: a town in southern Aleras’moya
Kalidhain (kahl-ihd-hayne): the eastern most province of Aleras’moya.
Krassis (kraa-sis): an island east of Whitecliff.
Lake Daenlyn (dayhn-linn): a popular fishing spot eight miles south west of Albergeddy.
Larabon (lar-raa-bon): a country that occupies the north of Moyathair.
Lebara (le-ba-ra): a town in Larabon.
Lebara Straights: a sea passage off the coast of Larabon.
Linieth (lynn-E-eth): a town in Aleras’moya south of Bailryn.
Maeddith (may’dith): a region of An’aird Barath east of Cul’taris.
Monacdaire Mountains (mon-ak-dare): the western mountain range on the border of Aleras’moya and An’aird Barath.
Moyathair (moi-ah-thair): the mainland continent.
Omancia (O-man-see-ah): an island in Arenthenia. Bausamon’s home.
Raithby River (rayth-B) – aka, the Am’firth (am, furth): a river that run from the Ambieth Marsh to the east coast, passing through Crenach’dair on its way.
Rash’moran Heights (rash-moor-ran): mountains in northern Larabon.
Redgate: a town in central Aleras’moya.
Renok: a town in Crenach’coi.
Rosefall Hill: a hill to the west of Albergeddy. The only “real hill” in Northern Ealdihain.
Serath’alor (Seh-rath, ah-lore): a valley a few miles east of the Geddy River, running along the border of the Baralan Heath.
Tanith (tan’ith): a village in An’aird Barath.
Taris: a town in the Cul’taris pass.
The Blue Towers: ten towers which stand at the centre of the city of Bhail, Eiras. The Witches of Eiras live in these towers.
The Brion Spur (bree-on): a long spur that runs south along the Cuanmor coastline.
The Lambton: a rich area of Bailryn.
The Lesgar Inn: the only tavern in Albergeddy.
The Ridges of Karan: the high mountainous ridges that run from the east coast to Cul’taris.
The Rundair Mines: a network of mines dug into the Speerlag Cliff, eight miles north of Albergeddy.
The Shinnon Valley (shi-non): a valley in Aleras’moya. Northeast of Be’olyn.
The Speerlag Cliff (spear-lag): the long cliff running from the Monacdaire Mountains to Cul’taris.
The Tunnels of Aldregair: a system of tunnels that run through the Karan Ridges, connecting An’aird Barath with Aleras’moya
The Warrens: a poor area of Bailryn.
The Wickham: a built-up area outside Bailryn’s western wall. Mostly traders and inns.
Toi’ildrieg (toy-ill-dreeg): one of the Eastern Isles. Home to the Gaw dragons and the witch, Vila’slae. Also home to the Kel’madden.
Toi’ifael (toy-ee-fi-L): one of the Eastern Isles. Home of the Kel’mau.
Towergate: the road in Bhail which leads to the Blue Towers. Towergate is full of shops.
Townhill: a town in Aleras’moya, south of Bailryn.
Ulsgaed Ridge (uls-guard): a ridge that runs south along a portion of the Ambieth Marsh.
Whitecliff: a coastal town in southern Aleras’moya.

Other Stuff

Bits, pieces, and coin – copper, silver, and gold.
Ten “bits” of copper = one silver piece (krùn)
Ten silver “pieces” (Krùn) = one gold “coin” (Ren).
Items of Interest
Age of Illeas: the last three centuries since the Rukin settled in Illeas’den
Aregolas Blade: a knife with magical properties.
Battle Brother Clans: the Rukin, the Darkin, and the Karakin were once united, forming what was known as the Battle Brothers.
Brion Accord: a one-sided treaty between the Surabhan and the Salrians.
Camcus: a very high-pitched whistle used by the residents of Illeas’den to call wolves to them.
Calsean Spikes (cal-see-ann): stalactites and stalagmites.
Dead Man’s Vein – aka, The Black — aka, The Raic’noit: the black “liquid” that invests a human host to controls their actions. This name refers to the oily liquid that’s found in the Am’bieth Marsh.
King’s Flag: in a rich red with blue trim.
King’s Crest; two cranes over a portcullis.
Kun hass Olef (Kuhn-harss-O-lehf): a flexible armour made by the Kel’mai.
League: the distance any given person thinks they might be able to walk in one hour (approximately four miles).
Lier’sinn (Lee-err-sin): a silver bowl used for viewing distant places.
Lights of Collisdan (col-iss-dan): an aurora often seen in the northern sky.
Morrdin (Moor-dihn): A type of tree.
Mo’duien (mow-doo-eyhn): a name given to Arfael, meaning “big man.”
Paperbark: a kind of tree.
Raising palms: a standard greeting.
Scrolls of Illeas: history of the “Time of Illeas.”
Shrillers: beggars
Sweetroll: a sugary cake.
The Black – Am’bieth: see Dead Man’s Vein.
The Black – Crenach’coi Raic’noit: the Crenach version of the Dead Man’s Vein.
The Juno Penarch: the ruler of Aleras’moya from before the current line of kings.
The White – Ambieth: the “good” version of The Black. Contains the essence of ancient sprits that were once connected to the god Ein’laig.
The White – Crenach’coi, Raic’dru: Cren version of The White. Contain the essence of an individual Cren Woodsman/woman.
Thraildom: the practice of taking someone’s bride as a servant in lieu of taxes. Not done anymore, but Ealian “dreams” about it.
Timeline: standard years, months, and weeks.
Torrents of March: the floods that occur every spring along the base of the Speerlag Cliffs.
Twolloc: a light insult, fool, idiot, etc..
Zacchi: Toyan whiskey.
Types of Dragon:
Covar’siet (co-var’see-et) – aka, Dragon Master. Covar’siet are black dragons. Traditionally, a Covar, or Black, will become the leader of both the Gan and Gaw dragons. This official name is rarely used; most referring to Tor or Sek as Tor the Black or Sek the Black.
Cuis’(gaw/gan): large dragons. Not the best in the air, but are formidable against ground defences. Can be used to transport groups of up to ten people.
Drin’(gaw/gan): Fast and relatively small. Excellent at aerial combat. Can be used to transport three people.
Carris’(gaw/gan): Medium sized dragon. Good at both aerial and ground assaults. Can transport groups of up to six soldiers.
Heeras (her’rass): a small, fast dragon.
Nirad (nee’rad): huge vegetarian pack dragons. Can transport up to thirty people (or a dozen in relative luxury). Mostly used for transporting large supply shipments. Very rare.
Raekawn (ray-corn): Untamed wild dragons. Subspecies unknown.
Herbs and Plants and Food
Aorand apple (ay-or-and): A small fruit found in the Crenach forest that gives stamina and endurance to whosoever eats it. Tastes horrible.
Blackpitch: a type of plant oil used in lanterns.
Cocotte (co-cot-T): a “cucumber” shaped herb. Tastes like garlic.
Fenna moss (fenn-ah): A stringy moss found along the slopes of the Speerlag Cliffs (and other places). It’s tastes like bitter lettuce.
Honeywine: wine made with added honey.
Kalli Root (kaa-lee): An invigorating herb, used to promote clarity of thought. Strong smelling, with a minty aroma.
Kharoe Ash (kha-row): The ash of the Kharoe plant. Used to help prevent the spread of infection.
Jova moss (Jo-var): an algae to stop feeling of nausea.
Lemonleaf: a herb.
Liet Root (Lee-eht): A strong tasting root. Helps with fever.
Liproot Twig: used as a means of cleaning one’s teeth.
Maiden’s Tear: a natural sedative with healing properties.
Maringo: a strong Crenach spice.
Ousblud (ows-blud): a antibiotic herb.
Ti’ash (T-ash): a strong antibiotic herb and painkiller. Has a spongy consistency and is applied directly onto a wound.
Wildberry: a sugary berry used for flavouring.
Yannot (yaa-not): a type of tomatoe.
Yellow Root: the Salrian version of Ti’ash (T-ash): A root used to aid healing.
Hyrac (hi-rak): a Kel’madden beast of burden.
Crecotta (cree-co-tar): a small rodent.
Culb’coi: a large forest otter.
Fae’tusan (fay-too-san): a mythical creature, thought to be the first animal to crawl out of the sea.
Karan Hawk: a hawk that nests in the Karan Ridges.
Grappala (grap-ah-la): a kind of hairy rhino.
Meadowlark: a bird. Found mostly, but not exclusively, in southern Aleras’moya.
Pepa: the Re’adh family horse.
Rass’coi: a rabbit-like rodent.
Dates and Calendar:
Mia’tirdis (mee-aa, turh-diss): old tongue for “beginning of the week.” Commonly known as “payday.”
Misselfeast: an autumn festival.
Tai’tirdis (tay-turh-diss): midweek
Tomeadan (tom-E-ah-dan): a season, early spring.
Sir’tirdis (sir-tur-diss): week’s end. A day off for most Aleracians